About JAG

JAG was born from the inspiration to take grilling and backyard lifestyle to a higher level. 

Back in the 1970's and 1980's, our earliest memories of grilling centered around a classic old black round Weber that we clumsily rolled into the backyard for our steaks and burgers.

Fire Pit Grill

We spent hours around that grill, and as the years went by, it became a symbol of family and friends and joyous togetherness. 

With our love of those shared grilling memories, we couldn't help but ask "How can we make this even better?"

Soon, the vision for JAG Grills came together. Grill tables and firepit grills designed to be the pinnacle of backyard social and family gatherings. 

Our hexagon and octagon shaped table grills are unlike anything ever seen before. They combine fine craftmanship, unbeatable engineering, design elegance, and just a whole lot of fun. 

And what can we say...

...everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) loves them!

Firepit Grill

We've seen it hundreds of times now. People stop in their tracks when they see a JAG Grill. JAG Grills have their own gravity...seriously!  People are drawn to them. When people see them, they want to sit around them. They want to get the fire going and start to cook something. And of course they want to kick back with their favorite drink and family and friends and just relax and take in the JAG experience.  

That said, we invite you to become part of the JAG family and experience the fun and joy of our next-level table grills. We promise you'll be overwhelmed with the question "Where did you get that?!"  And well, that just feels good too.

-The JAG team