Top Accessories for Every Table Grill Master

Grill Masters deserve serious respect: You know how to grill a steak exactly to your guest's delight. You can flip a burger without an embarrassing crumble through the grates. You can make those pretty, seared hash marks on pineapple and peppers alike.

To obtain master status, you must have experience and confidence. You also must have secret weapons. If you reign over your backyard table grill, you know a Grill Master is nothing without the right tools.

Before the hungry masses line up with plates in hands for your grilled perfection, make sure you've got the top accessories that make the Grill Master. Here are our top picks.

Lighter Cubes

First thing first, and that's getting your table grill going. Gas grills require just a flick of the switch, but charcoal or wood chips take a little more, shall we say, gusto. What if it's been rainy or it's windy? That should be no problem for a Grill Master — with lighter cubes, of course. Weber's Lighter Cubes are great tricks for getting the fire started, as they can light even when wet. They're made of paraffin wax, so they also won't add ash or flavors to your meats.

Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

Let's say you've got a steak and a pork chop grilling away, but your team is one goal down from a big win. You don't need to rip your eyes away from the television to check on dinner. Instead, you can sneak a peek at the LCD screen of the ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer. This gadget is a remote device that uses stainless-steel probes to monitor heat levels. You can preset the temperature you'd like, or you can set the timer to make sure nothing gets burnt while you're away from your grilling station.

Heavyweight Tongs

There's the high-tech, and then there's the must-haves. A good set of tongs is something every grill master needs. Whether you're grabbing hot dogs for the kids or flipping marinated chicken breasts, you must have a set of tongs that are long enough, sturdy enough, and have a strong enough grip. The Winco UT-16HT Extra Heavyweight Utility Tongs are a winner. They give you the reach you need to stay safe. Plus, with just a flick of the wrist, your title as Grill Master goes unchallenged.

Silicone Basting Brush

All kinds of meats, vegetables, and even tofu sing with flavor when you have the time and forethought to whip up an awesome marinade in the kitchen before lighting up the grill. But the secret to juicy goodness is to not stop there. Use a basting brush, like the OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Basting Brush, to slather on the goodness throughout the grilling process. Steer clear of the natural brushes, which can easily drop bristles into your entrée and are much more bothersome to clean. You might not be in charge of the dishes, but you can be a benevolent Master to whomever does.

Meat Injector Kit

You may wish to have an assistant standing next to you as you prepare to grill up the most awesome ribs your backyard has ever seen. Have them hold a platter with a Traeger Grills BBQ Grill Meat Injector Kit on it. Demand, "Injector!" as you hold out your gloved, washed hand. "Injector," your assistant will reply, as they offer you the metal injector to shoot the marinade directly into the muscle. Then, any self-respecting Grill Master should look up to the heavens and cackle with delight. You just can't perform this magic with a cheap, plastic injector.

Wide Spatula

We've all made the rookie mistake of using an inadequate spatula at the grill. It's embarrassing when burgers break in half, or, worse, you have to jerry-rig some sort of flipping process that involves a plate, your greasy fingers, and maybe standing on one leg and holding your breath. Grill Masters have no time for this drama. Invest in a good-sized spatula, like the Weber 6673 Original Wide Spatula. This stainless-steel tool makes it a breeze to flip everything from whole fish to pizzas, without worrying about the potential for a grilling disaster.

Ceramic Pizza Stone

If you haven't had a pizza night on your table grill yet, it's time to prove your master status. Family members and friends might have seen your genius at work already when it comes to meats and veggies, but something about a grilled pizza that takes it to the next level. While it's possible to grill dough directly on the grate, a ceramic pizza stone will help ensure a delicious, golden crust. These stones pull moisture from the dough, distributing heat evenly and making it a snap to slice and serve. Once the oohs-and-aaahs have died down, spoon on some cookie dough on your stone to bake up a warm treat for dessert.

Grill Basket

Some items demand a little extra attention on the grill, like freshly deveined shrimp, extra flaky fish, thin cuts of steak, or sliced veggies. Save yourself the time it takes to soak and thread bamboo skewers, and grab a grill basket instead. These stainless-steel, curved trays, like the Grillux Grill Basket, are designed to circulate your grill's heat evenly all around your most delicate dinner items. You won't have to worry about anything falling through the cracks — and that makes clean up a snap. You won't even have to clean your grates!

Portable Thermometer

Fancy remote thermometers use technology to prove Master-status worthiness, but it's smart to have a backup, portable meat thermometer in your pocket. Let's say, gasp!, someone else is at the helm of your grill. Just pull out a compact thermometer, like the Lavatools Javeline PRO Duo, and you'll be able to quickly check the doneness. This gadget is backlight, making it easy to read after the sun has set, and it turns off automatically. This is a handy tool to ensure perfection if you have multiple meats on the grill, too.

Steam Cleaning Brush

Sure, you can use a trusty, rusty grill brush and a healthy amount of elbow grease to keep your grill looking good. Or you could clean up like the Grill Master you are. Try the Sharper Image Stainless Steel Steam Cleaning Grill Brush. It uses steam pumped through steel bristles to loosen grease and charred bits on your hot grate. In just a few minutes, you'll be ready to kick back and enjoy all your well-earned glory.